Beef Cuts

A selection of top quality cuts from Dorset and Hampshire beef

Our Beef is minimum 21 Day Dry aged on the bone so that we can guarantee the best flavour and most tender meat for our customers. 

Sirloin steak

Rump steak

Rib eye steak

Fillet steak

OX Tail

Braising steak


Lean steak mince


Pork Cuts

A selection of cuts from Dorset pigs

All pigs are fed a natural diet and reared outdoors to the highest welfare standards. We feel that buying local meat makes all the difference, and we believe our local farms produce the best.

Loin chops


Whole and half pigs available, cut to your requirements


Lamb cuts

A selection of cuts from Dorset and Hampshire lambs 

We ensure that we are supplying spring lambs as soon as they are available, which is usually at the beginning of March. 

Lamb steaks

Loin chops

Whole and half’s available, cut to your requirements




Poultry Cuts

Free range chickens from Somerset

A Selection of British Farm Fresh Chicken
Free Range Turkeys From Dorset
Our Dorset turkeys have freedom to roam on grassland in the daytime from eight weeks old.
Geese are a seasonal treat – also from Dorset.

Free range chicken

Farm fresh chicken

Chicken breast

Free range turkey

Available for Christmas or to order the rest of the yea

Free range duck

Free range duck breast


Specialist Meats

We sell a variety of specialist meats including Dorset goat and mutton

Dorset mutton

Diced Goat



Game from Dorset

Our game is mainly sourced from local Dorset shoots


All three types of deer found in Dorset are cut and packed during the season. At least one type of deer is available throughout the year. The most common cuts are the fillets, leg steaks and whole joints.


The season opens on 1st October until 1st February.


The season opens on 1st September until 1st February.

Wild Ducks

The season is from 1st September – 31st January.

All our birds are dry plucked and dressed by hand. All birds are sourced mainly from local shoots in Dorset. Only the best birds are selected.


Fresh and frozen rabbits are always available as there is no closed season.


Fresh birds are available all the year round as there is no closed season, although numbers can be limited in late winter and spring.  All birds are sourced from local farms in Dorset.


The season opens on 1st August until 28th February. We only have a small number available.


We only have a small number available.



Our Deli counter is stocked full of Dorset, Somerset and West Country delights as well as our popular home cooked ham and pies.

Home cooked ham

Home made faggots

sausage rolls

steak and kidney pies

steak pies

chicken and mushroom pies

beef pasties

all available frozen, ready to cook at home

Lou’s family pies

chicken or steak and ale

Available uncooked frozen, homemade with all butter pastry

Meggy moo’s Dorset milk

Dorset blue vinny

Meggy moo’s sea salted butter

Coastal cheddar

Ismay Dorset Brie